Panasonic is also proactive in keeping up with green standards. Image 1 of 3. Yet the Y7 is not a performance thoroughbred by any means. If only the price were more agreeable, this laptop would fit any environment, not just the hostile ones. Very light weight for screen size; Long battery life; Business-rugged design; Comfortable keyboard.

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FromPanasonic has primarily offered tablets and, to a lesser extent, also smartphones.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y7 |

The semi-rugged design means it can panasonic cf y7 used in panasonic cf y7 wide variety of locations and the long-life battery makes it ideal for anyone who needs to work on the move for long periods of the day. This improved performance, along with the larger screen, also has a negative impact on battery life.

The keyboard spreads the full width of the main body and is incredibly comfortable to use. If you can find some way to factor out the price, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y7 is a business-rugged ultraportable that will appeal to frequent travelers, not just people who work in harsh environments, as the “Toughbook” moniker suggests.

Its feature set may not be as impressive as the Lenovo X’s, and its looks don’t draw crowds like the Apple Air. There is nothing more subjective than evaluating screens and keyboards. The biggest trade-off is speed, but if you need to tote your notebook cross-country and aren’t too keen on squinting, the Y7 is a wise investment.

The Best Amazon Panaonic Skills. Twin stereo speakers cranked our Led Zeppelin tracks to a nice, room-filling volume, but John Xf Jones’ bass sounded weak. Panasonic cf y7 homepage Panasonic notebook section. This is impressive, especially since most other semi-rugged notebooks panasonic cf y7 handle only 3 ounces of water poured on three distinct places on the keyboard.


It features Panasonic’s trademarked rough-and-tumble design, lengthy battery life, and optional built-in mobile broadband. This business-rugged ccf can take some physical abuse and is the lightest to integrate a inch panasonic cf y7 and optical drive.

PC Pro Panasonic’s semi-rugged series of laptops is a compromise between stylish but fragile consumer notebooks and expensive rugged portables that can shrug off a fall down a flight of stairs or a spot of word processing in the rain. Panasonic’s lightweight and durable upgrade to the Y5 offers road warriors everything they panasonic cf y7 to get the job done on the go.

The chassis of the CF-Y7 is also constructed of cd strong magnesium alloy, inside which sits a floating mechanism to stop the impact of a drop being passed on to panasonic cf y7 hard disk.

While this isn’t the fastest of machines, we found it could handle most processing tasks with ease. Laptops g7 that size are somewhat rare, nowadays. The bulge on the lid is there for a good reason, panasonic cf y7. Letters and numbers are laser-printed, so they are less panasonic cf y7 to rub off with heavy use.

It has been qualified for Energy Star 4. It lasted a very nice 4 hours and 41 minutes of battery life with the Wi-Fi connection on, and 5 hours and 29 minutes with it panasknic.


Companies that design laptops from the ground up can sustain a competitive advantage over those that buy their designs from other mostly Taiwanese manufacturers. Inside the familiar-looking magnesium-alloy body panasonic cf y7 the It’s a slight disappointment because the original CF-W7 was hardly an elegant design.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y7 Review & Rating |

Panasonic cf y7 und schickes Leichtgewicht Source: For Rugged and high-quality build Panasonic cf y7 battery life Lightweight Impressive amount of features. Despite the larger screen, though, it’s 6mm thinner than the CF-W7. The Best Laptops of The latter score represents a full extra hour of endurance over the average thin-and-light and 36 minutes longer than the average ultraportable.

Its unique pop-up optical drive, panasonicc semi-rugged exterior, and a big screen combine to form a system that weighs only 3. The circular touchpad is still too small, but we like the curved mouse buttons that flank it so you don’t have to move your panasonic cf y7 as far as you would on traditional notebook layout.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y7

Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y7 review 2. Email Name Firstname Comment. Panasonic hasn’t made too many cosmetic changes to panasonic cf y7 latest generation of Toughbook, with the bulk of the improvements being made to how effectively the lanasonic handles the components and the heat generated.